Our Company

Mr. Gianfranco Iaculli, descendent of Iaculli’s family, is the boss of Tradizionevoluzione Company.

He started to work in his family canning industry passed down his grandfather Domenico and then acquired by his father Antonio. In 90s he started to improve his Company with important productive processes in the Italian market.
In 2006, Mr. Gianfranco, who wanted to improve even more the Company but at the same time try something different, founded his own new one, Tradizionevoluzione, in Cerignola, in the lower Tavoliere delle Puglie. His ambitious project is to spread the typical food products made in Apulia, choosing only high quality raw materials.

The brand joins two important points to sell high quality food products: the word “tradition” means to be able to keep intact the typical characteristics and the culture passed down two generations. With the word “evolution” you can see the desire and the ability to improve what it has been transmitted, using the new technologies, that are all certificated according to new food law, thanks to the ability to adapt to them.

Even if most of Apulian Companies work on the sector of preserves, we can guarantee the best quality and the right price. It’s possible thanks to the enormous raw materials that we have in our land, Tavoliere delle Puglie, that is based on fields of agriculture and using only fresh products. In this way we get products with best quality.

Although our big range of products, we’re working on getting it bigger to be more complete. We always propose new ideas and new products and in the last few months we have introduced the LINEA GRAN GOURMET in extra virgin olive oil, which has a new brand and new packaging with products much more selected, with new recipes and new makings, always based on our philosophy of perfect value for money.